Give Us Your Laundry.
Take Back Your Time.

"The quality has been incredible!"

Are you tired of spending valuable time doing laundry, sacrificing hours on weekends that could be spent with family, friends or doing what you want?

Buy back more of your time by letting Laundry Reimagined handle the dirty clothes.

Laundry Reimagined is a laundry service designed for people who value their time and want to spend less of it sorting, washing, drying, folding and ironing laundry.

We are not a drycleaner. We will not drain your budget. And, we are not a franchise or chain laundry operation. Laundry Reimagined is:

  • Convenient: We’re a residential pick-up and delivery laundry service.
  • Affordable: We offer standard or premium packages to address weekly laundry needs.
  • Personal: Cincinnati-based, you connect directly with the owner to customize the service.
woman carrying laundry to iron
Laundry Reimagined delivery truck

How It Works

Laundry Reimagined picks up your laundry and takes it to our facility, where it is professionally laundered. Learn more about our process.

Laundry Service Packages

Standard and premium laundry service packages can be personalized to suit your needs.

pouring laundry detergent


Can I afford a laundry service? What happens to my dirty clothes? We’ll answer those and other questions.

Only $1.25/pound for the first four weeks

We just opened for business, so we're sharing an early-bird deal with you.

  • No obligation.
  • Limited to the first 50 customers.